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'Nomic Station


Adjustable Computer Desk


It is generally acknowledged that working on an adjustable computer desk or ergonomic workstation with inclined work surfaces set at an appropriate height is preferable to working on a flat surface with no height adjustment. See our section on ergonomic for more information.

Our  adjustable computer desk  features  multiple independently adjustable work and equipment surfaces designed to fit people of any height. No matter what size you are, your keyboard, monitor and printer or scanner will be at the ideal height  distance and angle to you for comfortable & productive computing.

The key work here is independent. While many desks claim to be adjustable, these adjustments are seldom independent of each other. And, many times  only one or two surfaces have any adjustment at all. Also consider the range of adjustment. Do the ideal positions for you fall within this range?

But most people still work off flat, non adjustable surfaces. Why?

Working ergonomically is easier said than done, and has required  development of  technology to solve a number of problems, which we discuss below.

Height Adjustment

The Pull Out Work Surfaces are inserted into the Stationary Slides that are attached to the Legs with screws. Each of the 4 Legs of a have screw holes drilled from top to bottom at 1 1/4" intervals. By removing 2 screws, each Stationary Slide can be repositioned at a different height on the legs, thereby adjusting the height of the Work Surface.

Holes in the Slides are offset. To adjust the height of the Work Surface in 5/8" increments, the Slide is flipped over and reattached as in the photos on the right.

Equipment surfaces (like Monitor Shelves, CPU Bars and Shelves, etc. are attached to the Desk and adjust for height in a similar fashion.




wpe89740.gif (105035 bytes)

Pull Out Worksurfaces

Both Worksurfaces pull in and out. Either can be pulled completely out, and repositioned at a different work position.

While in use, Worksurface can be extended about 18". With this extention, and clearance under the Front Rail, leg room is nearly unlimited.


wpe13173.gif (74832 bytes)

Tilt Mechanism

Keyboarding Surface can be tilted about 50 degrees positive or negative.

Both Keyboarding and Desk Surface can also be used flat. Changing angle takes about 10 seconds, and no tools are required.

wpe10682.gif (74964 bytes)

Storage Tray

Most people use their desk tops for storage as well as work area. However, if you are going to work on an inclined surface, some place for all the items normally sitting on top of your desk, must be found.

Our solution is the Storage Tray, which is mounted just under the Monitor Shelf. Items you ordinarily place on your desk top can be placed here, and accessed immediately for use.

wpe40861.gif (51832 bytes)

Stop Bars

But you can't place everything in the storage tray. Items like mice, keyboards and the object you are working on may be located on a tilted worksurface.
Our solution is the Stop Bar. 2 are supplied per desk, and are mounted to the worksurface with Velcro for easy repositioning as your tasks change.

Newer desks may have adjustable "Stop Rods" instead of these Stop Bars. They accomplish the same thing.

wpe90476.gif (49496 bytes)

Factory Direct

We sell our adjustable computer desk / ergonomic workstation factory direct from our work shop in Eaton Rapids. This allows us to build features into these products that would price store bought furniture with the same features out of most peoples range.


Factory Direct




A special note to tall people and short people

Almost all office furniture we've seen has been designed for average sized people. In many cases, tall people or short people are just plain out of luck. But there is no such thing as an "average" sized person. "Average" is really nothing more than a mathematical abstraction. That is why we have designed our computer desk / ergonomic workstation to fit real people, no matter what size they are. 

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