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'Nomic Station


Computer Desk Related Health Issues

28 More Reasons to Buy 'Nomic Station Computer Furniture:


1. Health issues related to computer use drive the development of  'Nomic Station computer furniture. We build a complete, integrated, ergonomic solution into one product, offering nearly unlimited adjustment. 'Nomic Station will fit anyone at any age, without compromise.

2. Limited production quantities ensure quality issues are not overlooked.

3. This product accommodates all your equipment. Computers, printers, scanners, FAX machines, answering machines, telephones work lights, etc., all have a place.

4. ‘Nomic Station’s unique design is based on independent research published in leading ergonomics journals (bibliography upon request). ‘Nomic Station meets or exceeds ANSI, OSHA & NIOSH criteria for this type of product.

5. Engineered from the inside out, functional considerations come first. Styling elements have been added, without compromising the product’s utility.

6. ‘Nomic Station decreases your chances of developing a Repetitive Strain Injury.

7. Because you are distracted less by pain and strain, you will concentrate better and your productivity will increase.

8. Use it at the office: Its heavy duty, solid hard wood construction is suitable for commercial applications.

9. Use it at home: It will fit in with your wood furniture, your antiques or your eclectic decorating scheme.

10. Use it for school work: Multitasking capabilities make 'Nomic Station perfect for students engaged in a variety of activities.

11. Because it is hand made and hand finished from natural materials, ‘Nomic Station has a warm, friendly appearance that is easier to relate to than plastic coated particle board or painted metal furniture.

12. "Multi-tasking": 5 products in one.

13. Tilting work surfaces make many tasks easier and less stressful.

14. Work and equipment surfaces are in a vertical stack. Everything you use is easy to reach.

15. Will not become obsolete. 'Nomic Station's "Open Frame Design" could be reconfigured in the future as requirements change.

16. All of ‘Nomic Station’s work and equipment surfaces are independently adjustable.

17. 'Nomic Station's work surfaces pull out to you, so your seating options are unlimited. Use it standing too.

18. 'Nomic Stations are very strong. Their solid hardwood is durable, repairable and less expensive in the long run. Solid hardwood allows us to round off all the sharp corners.

19. Modular construction allows any component to be replaced in the field if damaged. If scratched, the finish can be touched up by the owner without stripping.

20. ‘Nomic Stations are compact. The Sitting Desk measures 26" X 44" X 42", the Hutch Shelf or Standing Desk, 26" X 45" X 70". Work surfaces store away. Circulation area can be used for seating.

21. The desks knock down & ship U.P.S.. Can easily be moved up-stairs in older houses with steep, narrow staircases.

22. ‘Nomic Station is finished and configured at the Factory for your application. No need to buy a lot of things you don't need.

23. A custom fit without the custom price.

24. Cheaper than the alternative, which is to do nothing. Don’t wait until you get hurt to get better ergonomics.

25. A ‘Nomic Station desk costs less than a deluxe mattress & box springs. Is this amount too much to spend for a "good days work"?

26. ‘Nomic Station’s original design comes from Wood Craft of Michigan, a company that invests heavily in research and development. The product you buy will always be "up to date", and  superior to anything else available.

27.  Factory direct prices yield an unbeatable value in computer furniture.

28. 'Nomic Stations frame design is less intrusive than common pannel type furniture. Our desk does not dominate or take over your room.